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What is Face reading?

Face Reading, as the name suggests is analyzing a person from his/her face. There are 3 ways in which Face Reading works: Facial expressions voice a person's emotions and feelings, facial features reflect a person's basic nature and personality and eyes are the mirror of soul. At The Sibyl we focus on reading facial features to understand the person's persona. Who we are is recorded in our bodies in the form of the structure of our bodies, primarily in the form of our facial features; a study of the same is called Physiognomy (technical term for face reading).


How does Face Reading work?

All of us continuously express our feelings via facial expressions. No other animal have evolved as complex a set of facial muscles as have humans. Our face has 40+ muscles that can produce 10,000 expressions. Some of us have a very transparent face and that is why people around can easily make out in what mood we are or how do we feel. Whereas there are other people who are not very transparent but they too cannot totally hide their emotions on their faces; it is reflected at least for a micro-second. It is extremely difficult to read such people's emotions but not impossible; it can be done best by a trained professional in micro-expressions who has keen observation.


There are several energies flowing in and around us. When an energy frequently flows from a surface, it tends to leave its mark there. The shape and size of our face and its parts is formed because of the energies that frequently flow in and out of our bodies and hence by studying these facial features we identify the energies of the person and the characteristics that go along with those energies. As it is only the frequent energies that affect the facial features, only established nature can be read from one's face. The face is expected to change in every 4-5 years.
People who have high spiritual levels or have walked long enough on the path of divination can recognize and understand a person's soul from his/her eyes.

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