The Sibyl

Face Reading, Handwriting Analysis & Tarot card Reading

Fortune Telling

The world that we live in surrounds us with so many areas of life filled with uncertainty. Many of us are in some or the other tension almost 24x7 seeking solution of various problems and answers to many questions. Some people want to know about their next job change and some have questions regarding their marriage. Whatever your question may be, The Sibyl can help you find the answer in minutes. Get any question pertaining to your past, present or future answered from the Tarot. You can also look for suggestions or guidance, to come out of a troubling situation or to achieve you heart's desire, from the tarot. If required, I will help you meditate and become stress-free before we go ahead with the reading.

Tarot card Reading

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Self analysis

In today's world we analyse a lot of things in our surroundings, especially the people whom we meet, but very rarely does one takes time out for self analysis and takes efforts to know oneself better. We can utilize our strengths and work upon our weaknesses only when we are aware of the same. The Sibyl helps you in analyzing yourself and your near ones (with their consent) better by way of Face Reading and Handwriting Analysis, and guides you on how to get the changes that you want in yourself, as by changing your handwriting you can change your nature.

Handwriting Analysis

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Couple Compatibility

Whenever someone seeks a life partner they list out several qualities that are a must-haves in their to-be wife or to-be hubby but rarely does anybody think of the negatives that they are ready to accept in their life partners. I am not here to point out the negatives, my point solely is that nobody is perfect and one should look for compatibility rather than looking for an ideal partner. The Sibyl can help in checking the compatibility by analyzing the nature of both individuals via Face reading and Handwriting analysis and match the same, also a relationship tarot card reading can be done to check what is in store for them in the future.

Face Reading

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